At Dovetail, we believe in forever pieces. We believe in conscious shopping habits and careful accumulation. We believe in moving away from disposable consumerism and a dependance on outsourced manufacturing, exploitative labor, and cheap products. We believe that a designer label doesn’t equal quality. We believe in supporting local businesses and replacing factory-made goods with handcrafted ones. We believe in healing the local economy by supporting budding artists and entrepreneurs. We believe in partnering with–not competing with–our neighbors and coming together as a community to make great things happen. That’s why we stock the store with handcrafted or vintage goods. That’s it. Everything at Dovetail has been either handmade right here in the USA or salvaged from an estate sale, flea market, thrift store, or yard sale. Healing the economy starts with you and how you spend your money.


Dovetail carries an assortment of merchandise:  clothing, bowties, neck ties,  pocketsquares, jewelry, and natural apothecary items handmade in the USA, as well as vintage clothing and accessories. Everything we sell is timeless and in style today. You will never look like you stepped out of a time machine. We don’t burn incense. Our merchandise is in step with modern fashions; some of the merchandise is new and some of it just happens to be old. In our opinion, stylish is stylish and the age of an item has nothing to do with it.


More than anything, Dovetail is about community. We strive to foster a sense of community in West Town by befriending our customers, partnering with local businesses, supporting our neighbors, and supporting local artists.


Owner Julie Ghatan grew up in Southern Illinois and spent her childhood reluctantly dragged to flea markets, estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores by her parents. However, by her teens, she developed an appreciation for antiques and vintage clothes/accessories. She moved to Chicago to study English/Poetry Writing at college and when she graduated in 2004, she started selling vintage clothes to boutiques in Wicker Park at the suggestion of her good friend. She saved up all the money she made and finally opened her own boutique in 2008. Julie serves as the President for the West Town Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the West Town Art Walk, which she started (along with the owner of Seek) in 2011. In addition to managing Dovetail, Julie is a professional writer; She has contributed to Refinery29 and HowAboutWe for Couples. Additionally, she holds a certification in professional resume writing. Her other business in Resumental, a creative resume-writing service.

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you don't need more stuff. you need better stuff.


Stuff that’s handpicked with love.

Stuff that you’re excited to own.

Stuff that will last for decades.


We want to be the store that finds you your favorite stuff.


The stuff that becomes part of your permanent collection.


The stuff that won’t get donated to the thrift store, or sold on Craigslist, or thrown away.